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Therapeutic Counselling

Taking the decision to start counselling can be challenging - you might be feeling anxious about what it will be like, and about what I will be like. Perhaps you are unsure about discussing your personal situation with a stranger. These worries are normal and understandable. When you meet me or another Counsellor for the first time, remember that the counselling is for you. It is important that you feel comfortable with your Counsellor, that you feel they are listening to you without judgement, and trying to understand your situation.

Counselling & Transformational Coaching. Sandtimer

I have a warm and supportive style, and am interested in you as a unique individual. In our working relationship, I will focus on you and your needs; I will try to understand what it is like to be you. I will work with you to fully understand your situation and together we will explore any deep seated issues which are holding you back and impacting your ability to get the most out of life.
We will work at your own pace to untangle any confusion or distress, with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully.

What Counselling Can Help With

Evidence from research studies has shown that counselling can be helpful for a wide range of problems, such as

  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Relationship and family issues
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Redundancy, parenthood, retirement and other life changes
  • Disordered eating and weight management
  • Anger management

    If any of these are affecting you, call me for a free, no obligation chat to see whether I may be able to help.

    Counselling can also be helpful for people who do not identify a specific problem. Many people come for counselling because that feel a little lost, unfulfilled or confused. If this is you, call me to discuss if you would like to come for counselling.

  • Transformational Coaching

    Whilst counselling is aimed, at least initially, at providing support to work through a difficulty in life, transformational coaching is aimed at identifying and working towards goals. Of course, most people have both difficulties and goals, and we can move between counselling and coaching approaches according to your needs.

    If you already know what you want to achieve I will enable you to understand your drivers, clarify the actions required, and keep you accountable for your progress and success. If things are less clear for you, I will work with you to explore the values and influences on which your life is based. I will encourage you to voice your ambitions, aspirations, hopes and fears, to discover what you really want. I will then support you to make the changes that move you forward, and to identify and overcome any hurdles along the way.

    Counselling & Transformational Coaching. Pathway with Mountains

    Some of the areas I have helped clients with are

  • Making changes for health reasons
  • Planning for retirement
  • Preparing for parenthood
  • Clarifying goals for the future
  • Looking at direction and meaning in life

  • My Approach

    My core approach is known as integrative. This means that I can draw upon ways of working from different 'schools' of counselling, therapy, and coaching, as well as NLP. For example, at some sessions it might be helpful for us to explore how your past experiences and relationships may be impacting your life now. At others we might look at habits or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I see you and your experiences as unique and individual, and I work flexibly at your pace, rather than with a fixed step-by-step approach.

    Appointments and Fees

    I have comfortable consulting rooms near Market Harborough, and in the City of London, but due to the Covid-19 situation I am currently working solely online .

    Whilst I try to accommodate busy work schedules and life commitments, it is usually beneficial for clients to commit to a regular appointment. This creates a structure for the work, and is symbolic of your commitment to self care and self development.

    The number of sessions that are required is very variable, depending on the client and the nature of the issue. For therapy, it is usually possible to see real improvement in 10-20 sessions, sometimes less. I would not usually recommend fewer than six therapy sessions. It is important to integrate awareness and change, and to be able to manage any life stresses that may derail progress. Some clients come for a year or more - seeing real change, and then wanting to work further on deeper issues.

    Most therapy clients attend for one 60 minute session per week. Fees are £70 per session.

    For personal development coaching, 90 minute appointments every 2-4 weeks are more likely to be appropriate - we can discuss this on the phone or at the first session. 90 minute sessions are £100 for individual clients, by negotiation for corporate work. Most coaching clients attend for six or more sessions, but sometimes two or three is adequate to make good progress on a specific issue. I offer a 5% discount for a package of six coaching sessions paid in advance and taken within 9 months (£540).

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    Kay Hoggett BSc, PGDip, Dip Couns, MBACP, MAC
    Therapeutic Counsellor and Coach

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